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About the Waterblade

About the Waterblade

What is the Waterblade?

The Waterblade is a break-through shaving technology. It’s the most comfortable and natural way to shave.

  • No irritation
  • No chemicals
  • No rinsing
  • No mess

How does it work?

Ask any dermatologist and they’ll tell you the keys to a smooth and comfortable shave are heat and hydration.

The Waterblade creates a cushion of warm water between the blades of a Gillette Venus blade cartridge. This heats and hydrates the shaving surface making hairs much softer and easier to shave. Plus, the warm water opens and flushes out your pores making the skin much smoother.

No shaving cream? Really?

No Shaving Cream. No Problem! There’s no need to apply creams or gels that are loaded with chemicals. The Waterblade uses only pure, natural water to condition your skin.

How does the water get to the Waterblade?

A small amount of water flows from behind your showerhead through a flexible tube, and into the handle of your Waterblade.

How can I buy a Waterblade?

Thanks for asking this!

We need your help:

After nearly 3 years of prototyping and testing, we're now ready to bring the Waterblade to the world. But unfortunately, we've spent so much on the R&D, that we now need your help.

The tooling required to manufacture the Waterblade is extremely expensive. That's why we're launching a crowdfuding campaign on GoFundMe. If we raise enough on GoFundMe, we'll soon be able to manufacture the Waterblade and begin shipping!

Please visit our GoFundMe page for to donate, and to receive exclusive Early Backer rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using the Waterblade

What blades does it use?

The Waterblade works with Gillette Venus® blade cartridges. But, we’re always working on new models. Stay tuned!

Will it clutter my shower?

Not at all. We provide a custom designed hanger that you can place anywhere in your shower. That way, the Waterblade will be right where you want it.

Can it save me money?

Yes! There are two ways you'll save money: 1. You won’t spend money on shaving cream. 2. The blades last longer because the water flow keeps them clean, unclogged and sharp.

How do I connect a blade cartridge to the Waterblade?

It’s easy!

  1. Attach a Gillette Venus cartridge like you normally do.
  2. Clip the water diverter to the back of the Venus cartridge.

How do I replace the blade?

Simply press the release buttons to disconnect the Venus cartridge. Then, attach a new one.


Is it hard to install?

Not at all. But, there is a ONE TIME installation you’ll need to complete. After that, all you need to do is hop in your shower and start shaving! Here's a video of 16 year old Abby (co-inventor) installing the Waterblade.