A Daughter - Father - (Grandfather) Team

Abby and Mark Whitaker team up to bring Abby's Grandfathers invention to market

A Product 30 Years In The Making

When Abby (now 16) reached the age that she needed to start shaving her legs, she ran into the same problems we all face with this uncomfortable routine.  Nicks, cuts, razor bun and the messiness of shaving frustrated her. 


      But Abby had an idea…


Abby noticed that her Dad always used a strange “water powered” razor and asked if she could try it.  As a newbie to shaving, Abby thought it might help make shaving more tolerable.  Much to her surprise, the old contraption actually worked!  It was then that Abby and Mark had the idea to modernize that old shaving device.


Mark’s Father, Jim Whitaker, invented the Waterblade back in the mid 1980’s.  While he had some minimal success, as a single parent he never quite had the resources to commercialize his invention.  But now Abby and her Dad were determined to modernize the Waterblade, and bring it back to life.


After two years of countless design changes, prototypes, failed tests, and trips back to the drawing board, Abby and Mark have finally nailed down their invention. In fact, they just filed for a U.S. Patent, and are ready to Re-Launch the Waterblade Shaving System.

We're sure that Grandpa Whitaker is looking down with a big smile on his face, and wishing us the best.

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