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Extra 25% savings offer:

Extra 25% savings offer:

To receive this offer, simply place a $1 deposit and we'll give you an additional 25% discount (40% total) off our MSRP of $45. 


That means you'll only pay $27.00 when we launch the Waterblade.

  • More Details:

    • Benefit:  With $1, you can support us to take the Waterblade through tooling and the first manufacturing run.  As a token of our appreciation, we are offering you the lowest price we can - $27.  That's 40% off the retail price of $45.


    • All descriptions, photographs and renderings of the Waterblade are current as of today.  However, since we are in the final stages of development, certain features may change when moving to full-scale production.


    • The Waterblade will MSRP for $45.  This $27 price is a limited time offer, so now is the time to support us.


    • By reserving a Waterblade for $1 today, you're committing to purchasing on Waterblade's crowdfunding page.  You'll be notified via email when the page goes live, and you can place your order then.  As a VIP, your order will be included in the first wave of shipments. 




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