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Shaving...  Re-Thought

The magic of the Waterblade is the continuous flow of warm water through the blade cartridge.

Warm water provides the 4-H's required for shaving perfection:

Heat & Hydration

Heat & Hydration

Barber covers the face of a man with a h

The "Gold Standard" of a comfortable shave is a hot towel shave.  Why?  Heat and Hydration


Heat and steam soften hair and open pores to give the most comfortable shave possible.  Until now...

Waterblade goes a step further

The flow of hot water softens hair and opens pores better than any hot towel.  It shaves like a hot knife through butter!

No Nicks

No Cuts

No Burns

Heart from water splash with bubbles iso

The Waterblade uses only Pure, Natural water to condition your skin.

Ever thought about your shaving cream?  Many contain chemicals you may not want on your skin:

  • Sulfates

  • Phthalates

  • and Many More

According to the National Institute on Aging, chronic inflammation (like that caused by shaving) plays an important role in the aging process.  The Waterblade greatly reduces shaving irritation, including inflammation, so your skin stays younger, longer.


Slows Skin Aging

No Chemicals

An adorable preschooler looking worried
Hassle Free

Hassle Free

REALLY think about it...

Traditional shaving is a hassle and a mess.

Eliminate the fuss  

The Waterblade works without creams, and all shaving debris washes down the drain.  

Hassle 1:

Hassle 2:

Hassle 3:

Hassle 4:

Hassle 5:

Rub shaving cream all over your skin

Rinse blades frequently so they don’t clog

Wash cream and cut hairs off your skin

Apply lotions to sooth your irritated skin

Clean the mess left on your sink or shower

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