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Introducing the... 

Waterblade Shaving System

The world's Most Comfortable and Healthy way to shave.



This patent pending technology creates a cushion of warm water between your skin and the blades that:

Reduces Friction

Eliminates Shaving Irritation

Eliminates chemicals like foam or gel

Why Waterblade?

REALLY think about it:  Shaving is not pleasant.

First you have to smear chemicals like foam or gel all over your skin, only to still end up with nicks, cuts, and razor burn.  Not to mention the mess left behind.  Many of us hate shaving so much that we skip it whenever

possible.  It's miserable.

That’s why we invented the Waterblade - a device 30 years in the making (see our story).

Our goal is to make you look and feel your best every day.

No Nicks

or Cuts

No Razor Burn

No Chemicals

(Foams or Gels)

No Hassle

How It Works

The magic of the Waterblade is the continuous flow of warm water running through the blades of a Gillette Venus® cartridge.  This creates a cushion of soothing water that... 

Heats, Hydrates and softens hairs so they're easier to cut 

Makes the hairs stand up for easier cutting

Reduces friction between the blades and your skin

Opens and cleans pores resulting in smoother skin

Softer Hair

Less Friction

Smoother Skin

World's Most Comfortable Shave


No More Chemicals

Ever thought about your shaving cream?  Many contain chemicals you may not want on your skin like sulphates, phalates and many others.


Waterblade uses only pure, natural water.

Heart from water splash with bubbles iso

Slows Skin Aging

According to the National Institute on Aging, chronic inflammation (like that caused by shaving) plays an important role in the aging process.  The Waterblade greatly reduces shaving irritation, including inflammation, so


Your skin stays younger longer.

No Hassle?

Traditional Shaving is a Hassle and a Mess

  • Rub shaving cream ON your skin

  • Rinse blades often to prevent clogging

  • Wash cream and hairs OFF your skin

  • Apply lotions to soothe irritated skin

  • Worst of all:  clean up the mess

An adorable preschooler looking worried

Eliminate the Hassle

The Waterblade works without shaving creams, and all the mess washes neatly down your shower drain.

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